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replacement for: Zünd R108 / 3910738 Zünd R153 / 3910761... more
Product information "CE-RB153"
replacement for: Zünd R108 / 3910738
Zünd R153 / 3910761
Esko BIT-MUS06-3006-50 / G42443549
Esko BIT-AUS06-3006-50 (i-8088) / G42445916
max. cutting depth: 6 mm
shaft diameter: 6 mm
cutting edge diameter: 3 mm
number of flutes: 1
length: 50 mm
max. RPM: 50.000
special features: polished and balanced*


Made in Germany; Produkt aus Deutschland


Lizenz bei Datron; Licensed by Datron

helix or special application: up cut
replacement for cutter/plotter: Esko / Kongsberg, Zünd / Wild
recommended use: acrylic, Polycarbonate, Aluminum, aluminum composite panels, dibond, foam boards, hard, Plastic, corrugated, wood, MDF, PVC, polypropylene
product material: carbide, fine grain