Cut Expert coatings

fibreCut coating

Cutter blades with high performance coating for fiber composite processing

  •     Highly increased lifetime
  •     Less adhesion
  •     Lower cutting forces
  •     Less blade change
  •     Significant cost savings
  •     High wear resistance

CFRP, GFRP, aramid, basalt, graphite, and others - the diversity of fiber-reinforced and / or abrasive materials is broader, and the demand is constantly growing.

Due to the high abrasiveness of these materials, conventional cutter blades often do not reach a sufficient lifetime. In addition, the resin of the composite material can adhere to the cutting edge and the free surface.

At Cut Expert, we have studied this problem and are presenting our unique fibreCut-coating - a submicron DLC-coating especially processing highly abrasive materials.

Up to triple lifetime in combination with greatly reduced adhesions at a small extra charge make fibreCut-coated cutter blades the most cost effective option for these applications.

We would be happy to provide you with test blades.


Carbon-X® coating

Carbon-X® is a new friction-reducing DLC ​​layer based on a-C:H. Thanks to its high hardness, this layer is suitable for applications in which strong abrasive wear occurs and softer friction-minimizing layers reach their limits. Furthermore, by using CARBON-X®, buildup on tools can be efficiently reduced. The systematic layer structure combines several advantages of an a-C:H layer to ensure smooth tool performance even under tough conditions.

Hardness 2,400 ± 400 HV
Max. Operating temperature 325 ° C / 617 ° F
Coefficient of friction. against steel 0.05 - 0.15
Layer thickness 1.5 - 2.5 μm
Color dark gray


XOX coating

XOX is an improved ZrN coating, which is particularly suitable for machining aluminum alloys and a good choice for machining non-ferrous metals. The ZrN layer is also recommended for processing fiberglass, nylon, and most polymer materials.

Hardness 2,800 ± 300 HV
Max. Operating temperature 600 ° C / 1,110 ° F
Coefficient of friction. against steel 0.5
Layer thickness 1 - 4 μm
Color light yellow / gold



EXXTRAL® - silver, an aluminum titanium chromium nitride layer, developed for special applications in the machining of materials that also tend to stick. The smooth CrN surface effectively reduces the tendency to cold welding. The silver-colored layer is characterized by high hardness and resistance to oxidation and is designed to minimize the tendency to adhesion when machining Al alloys and non-ferrous metals.

Hardness 3,300 ± 300 HV
Max. Operating temperature 800 ° C / 1,470 ° F
Coefficient of friction. against steel 0.4
Layer thickness 2 - 4 μm
Color silver


You cannot find the optimal coating for your application?

In addition to those mentioned here, we can offer many alternative coatings for specific applications.

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