Company information

The cutting results of your cutter are only as good as the knives and router bits used.


For this reason Cut Expert GmbH has set itself the intention of supplying only high-quality accessories. All our knives and router bits are made exclusively in Germany!

Carbide granules and finished knives Plan-parallel grinding Fine grinding of cutting edges

In contrast to many dealers, we have a direct influence on the entire production chain - from the choice of the carbide powder, the knife design and the finished cutting tool.

3D CAD design, metallurgical laboratory, optical and tactile measuring systems as well as an ingenious disposition system are available to us and justify the consistently high quality and the good availability of our products.

As a company with lean structures, we still manage to keep the prices low for you.

Metallurgical laboratory Fine grain hard metal structures Optical measuring system


We are also happy to help you choose the right knife. We also accept custom-made products for you, as well as different carbide grades for machining extremely abrasive materials.

Our friendly team will be at your disposal. We are looking forward to working with you!

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