fibreCut coating

Cutter blades with high performance coating for fiber composite processing

  •     Highly increased lifetime
  •     Less adhesion
  •     Lower cutting forces
  •     Less blade change
  •     Significant cost savings
  •     High wear resistance

CFRP, GFRP, aramid, basalt, graphite and others - the diversity of fiber-reinforced and / or abrasive materials is broade and the demand is constantly growing.

Due to the high abrasiveness of these materials, conventional cutter blades often do not reach a sufficient lifetime. In addition, the resin of the composite material can adhere to the cutting edge and the free surface.

At Cut Expert, we have studied this problem and are presenting our unique fibreCut-coating - a submicron DLC-coating especially processing highly abrasive materials.

Up to triple liefetimein combination with greatly reduced adhesions at a small extra charge make fibreCut-coated cutter blades the most costeffective option for these applications.

We would be happy to provide you with test knives.